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Image by David Dvořáček

Experience Levels

To make sure we arrange the most enjoyable ride to suit your experience, we have graded each level below to help guide you to the perfect cycling route for all of you party members.

Image by Jordan Brierley

Beginner Level

Image by Coen van de Broek

Moderate Level

Image by Munbaik Cycling Clothing

Experienced Level

Leisure Tour

These routes are for someone who does not cycle on a regular basis and is looking to have stops along the way to enjoy Cornwall's beauty.  
Flat and easy gently rolling hills.

Most of our day tours are suitable for this cycling level and experience.

Active Tour

These routes are for cyclists that cycle regularly and have a moderate level of experience. You may want a stop at some point the ride is all about how many miles you can cover. 

Gently rolling terrain, some hills and road cycling.

Challenging Tour

These routes are for the cyclists that mean business. You enjoy a fast pace for an extended period of time.

All terrain, with hills and big mountain passes.

Let us know if you want us to challenge you!

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