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Heels Before Wheels

At long last the Saints Trail section from Goonhavern to Perranporth is open. A multi use  trail which covers a distance of approximately 3 miles, perfect for cyclists, walkers, horse riders and and dog walkers.

.The opening was patiently anticipated following the Goonhavern to Newquay section bring put on hold due to lack of local council funding, and finally it is available for all.

Because it attracts many different types of users a discussion on who has priority and who should give way to who has been the subject of debate.

In order to support and encourage everyone to continue using trails safely we've put together a basic trial user guide.

Basic Trail use Guide

  • Stop, look and listen for motor traffic before proceeding across the road! There are locations where the trail crosses streets with motor traffic. These intersections are usually marked with stop signs for trail traffic, but the crossing motor traffic does not have to stop.

  • Pass others on the right. Just like out on the road, faster trail users should pass slower users on the right . Give an audible warning with a bell, or call out “Passing on your right"

  • Pets on trails should be under control at all times. Remember to pick up

  • Don’t litter along the trails. Leave only footprints (or tyre tracks); take only pictures.

  • There are no helmet laws for cyclists on trails.

  • Be prepared for a puncture.

Speed Guide

It is the nature of trails that users are moving at different speeds.

The basic rule is

Heels Before Wheels

Trail Use for Parents with Small Children

  • Keep an eye on children on the path. Be mindful that kids (on foot or bike) sometimes veer into the path of oncoming traffic especially cyclists who may not be able to slow down.

  • If your child is cycling, be sure they are skilled enough to control the bike, and maneuver as needed to share the trail and safely pass.

  • Teach children that they must share the trail.

Trail Use for Walkers

Walk on the left side of the trail, slowest traffic keep left; pass on right.

At busy areas on the trail, avoid walking three abreast. Two people walking side by side fills up a lot of trail. When faster traffic comes up from behind switch from walking abreast to in-line to give them room to go by you safely.

Pay attention to the traffic. Look and listen for oncoming, overtaking and crossing traffic.

If using earbuds while on the trail, make sure the volume is low enough that you can still hear others on the trail.

Be sure pets are under control at all times.

Trail Use For Runners

Runners are obviously faster than the walkers.

Pay attention to the traffic. Look and listen for oncoming, overtaking and crossing traffic.

If using earbuds while on the trail, make sure the volume is low enough that you can still hear others on the trail.

When approaching slower traffic move to the right side of the trail (pass on right only) and say loudly before you get to the walkers: "On Your Right." This will give them time to clear the way.

Trail Use for Cyclists

  • Bikes are the fastest traffic on the trail. Very fast riding is inappropriate for the trails and should be done on public roadways.

  • Warn slower moving traffic that you are passing. Sound your bell or say loudly before you get to the other traffic "On Your Right" The speeds of a bike make it possible to startle other trail users, so don't wait to give your warning until you are right next to the walker or runner. Do give enough time.

Trail Use for e-Bike Users

  • Follow all guidelines for regular bikes, and...

  • Electric bikes are faster and heavier than normal bikes, so additional caution should be used in crowded sections of the trail. A collision with a pedestrian will have more serious consequences with an e-bike.

  • Slow to appropriate speeds in order to share the trail with slower users. This may mean having to walk your bike in certain locations at certain times of day

Trail Use With Horses

  • Horseback riding is common on trails .

  • Horses are large (1000 pounds or more), skittish and shy creatures. Small things will cause them to shy or buck.

  • They can be startled by a bicycle or runner so make verbal contact with the rider and be sure it is safe to pass.

  • Remember to give horse a wide berth, stop if necessary and get off your bike and walk past.

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Thank you for the etiquette. Perhaps you could also mention consideration of parking especially in Goonhavern.

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